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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Natural Hair Starter Kit


Going natural can be a drastic change compared to your normal hair care regimen. If I knew half the things I know now about natural hair care, I swear my life would have been so much easier. "Where do I start? What products do I buy? What tools do I pick up?" It can all be so overwhelming! I felt doing a natural hair care starter kit was a necessity for my newly naturals and for those considering going natural. I wont be covering every little thing you need going natural, but we will definitely be covering the essentials to get you started!

  1. Wide Tooth Comb~ Now that you made the commitment to go natural the last thing you need is anything tampering with those beautiful curls! A wide tooth comb will help assure you don't disturb your natural curl pattern or create frizz between your curls.
  2. Oil~ In my opinion and experience a all natural oil is vital to the health and growth of your hair. Honestly if I could only have one product for my hair for the rest of my life, it would be oil! Coconut oil or Olive oil are great starter oils; they can penetrate your hair shaft, promote healthy hair growth and much more. I use a combination of essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, almond oil and much more. Mix and play with different oils until you find what works for you.
  3. Co-Wash~ A curly head staple!!! Co-washes are great because they are conditioner based. It gently cleanses without stripping your hair of its oils and moisture. Your hair is left feeling hydrated and cleansed, unlike shampoos with sulfate which can leave your hair dry and brittle. 
  4. Sulfate Free Shampoo~ Now this is one I use far and in between my normal hair care regimen. As much as I'm all about co-washing, occasionally your hair just needs that extra cleanse. So if shampoo is a must get a sulfate free one. Its not as gentle on your hair as a co-wash, but its definitely not as harsh on your hair as a regular shampoo since it doesn't have ingredients such as sulfates or parabens.
  5. Deep Conditioner~ Deep conditioning is an important part of caring for your natural curls. This is another way we get moisture to our hair, prevent breakage and help maintain its health. I recommend deep conditioning at least once a week. 
  6. Hair Clips~ Where would I be without these babies!? I use hair clips 99% of the time when I'm doing my hair. These are perfect for separating your hair and making sure product is evenly distributed through your curls. Even if you want them to use for a style or maybe just get your hair out of your face, you need hair clips in your life! Trust me! lol. 
  7. Microfiber Towel or T-Shirt~ When I first went natural I seen videos of girls using t-shirts to dry their hair, claiming what a difference it made to their curls. My first thought was "Yea right, dang t-shirt cant be making that much of a difference." But then I actually tried it and it definitely makes a difference! I started off with a t-shirt and eventually bought a microfiber towel. The microfiber towel or t-shirt helps reduce frizz between yours curls, unlike regular Cotton towels.
  8. Satin Pillowcase or Bonnet~ Regular cotton pillowcases can cause friction between your curls which can lead to frizz and breakage. Satin pillowcases don't tug on your hair and cause these same issues. If a satin pillowcase doesn't work for you, pick up a satin bonnet (which is my preference). Sleeping with a satin bonnet will help protect your curls and assure your hair is looking good the next day. 

The picture above has products I started using when I first went natural that I still love. When starting your natural hair care venture, you have to try different products and see what works for you! Remember there will be a lot of trial and error but overtime you will develop your hair care regimen. I hope this post was helpful! Good luck to all my newly naturals out there! 

Until next time loves !


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