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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Perm Rods

Lately I been trying different styles that I can do that will last me through the week. I've always wanted to try perm rods, so I gave it a shot and I love how it came out! So I'm going to share my step by step process on achieving this look so you can give it a try to! ;o)

Above is everything I used to get this look:

 I started off with clean, co-washed hair. As usual I used Pantene curls conditioner as my leave-in and sealed it with my oil. I divided my hair in 5 sections. 2 sections in the back, 2 sections in the front and an additional small section on the front for the curls that will frame my face. I applied the Eco cocktail one section at a time as I put in the perm rods. I put the different size perm rods throughout my hair in no particular order. On the front section I used the small  purple rods; using the smaller rods will create tighter curls. Before applying the perm rods I brushed each section with the Denman brush to smooth out any frizzes. When putting the rods in your hair, wrap your hair around the rod versus rolling the rod up your hair; similar to how you would wrap your hair around a curling wand. Next I used the soft heat bonnet and blow dryer to dry my hair. I sat under the dryer for 45 minutes. You definitely want to make sure your hair is fully dry before taking it out, so I used the dryer and also slept with the rods in.

Next morning I coated my hands with a little bit of the One N Only oil treatment and took out the rods. When taking out the rods I gently unraveled each one in the opposite direction it was wrapped around the rod. 

Once the rods are all out it's time to separate the curls! I gently separated each curl making sure not to create any frizz between them.

Once I was finished separating the curls I put part of my hair up in a tie to help elongate the curls. I left it in the hair tie for about 15 minutes. Once I took my hair down 
I picked it with the hair pick to give it body.

This is my finished look and I absolutely love it ! I will definitely be doing perm rods on my hair more often.

Let me know if you try this look out to! 

Stay Fab! XoXo

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