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Sunday, September 18, 2016

My First Deva Cut

As the year is approaching its end, I've been reflecting on my 2016 Hair Goals. What goals I've met, what goals I still have time to meet and what goals I didn't achieve. One of my goals was to get a Deva Cut; I'm glad to say that was a goal I achieved! I've wanted a Deva Cut since first going natural in 2012. When I first was introduced to this method of cutting hair, very limited stylist specialized in this technique. As the natural hair community has flourished over these past few years, I've seen and heard about a lot more stylist skilled in this profession. I was honored to have Vincenzo Stylist give me my first Deva Cut! He is a popular hair stylist among the natural hair community and has worked with clients that are well known hair & beauty enthusiasts within the same community.

Me getting a Deva Cut was a spur of the moment thing and it wasn't planned or expected. If your not familiar with what a Deva Cut is, basically your hair is cut in its natural curly state. Your wash n go is trimmed and touched up based off the normal way you wear you hair. Which definitely makes more sense if your naturally curly, because if you get it cut wet or straight, it could come out looking completely different when you wear your hair how you normally would. Again this was unexpected, so I didn't come to see him with my hair in its natural state! My hair was slicked back in a high ponytail with Eco styler gel! Instead of Vicenzo being able to get straight to business and shape up my hair, he had to start off with washing it,

deep conditioning it,

and diffusing it.

The whole time I was in the salon I was just amazed with how beautiful the set up was (which of course made the experience even better) and the hair tools he used that I've never seen before. One tool that really had me dazed was the circulating hair dryer. You sit under it and it circulates around your hair to speed up the drying process and it also helps with making sure your hair is evenly dried. This was also my first time being in a salon that used a steamer to deep condition hair versus a traditional dryer. In addition he used a wide body diffuser to assist with drying my hair. 

I've always been the type of person that's very hesitant when it comes to change, especially if the change involves my hair! I've had such horrible experiences in the past that I would rather play it safe then sorry. Although I have always dreamt of getting a Deva Cut, I'm not gonna lie at that point I was double guessing my decision. I requested that he layer my curls and give me some side sweeper bangs because I was going for a more fuller, voluminous look. 

It was bittersweet as I watched my curls drop to the floor.

 After my hair cut was complete he took off about 3-4 inches of my hair. I was extremely disappointed in the amount of inches taken off, merely because I wasn't expecting or prepared for that type of change. I'm sure like most naturals, I take a lot of pride in the length of my hair because it is a accomplishment to maintain healthy hair to be able to achieve growth. But what I've learn from this experience is that sometimes you have to sacrifice length for certain looks; I am extremely happy with how my hair looks! I do also think that me not coming there with my hair in its naturally curly state took play in  the amount of inches he cut off. I say that because my hair was not completely dry when he cut it, which it would have been if I was fully prepared. Besides that Vicenzo is a awesome hair stylist and he is very skilled in his craft! I recommend him to anyone in the Manhattan area looking to get their hair done! Or if your willing to travel, definitely check him out.

I'm beyond happy that I got my first Deva Cut this year as I wanted! As you can see my hair looks amazing and has so much more shape than it did before! I also feel like I'm able to achieve a lot more looks that didn't look right on me with longer hair! I look forward to seeing Vicenzo for my future cuts!

Tell me about your Deva Cut experience below!

Thanks for reading guys! You'll hear from me again soon!

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