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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Curl Fest 2017

After coming across countless images and videos of people coming together celebrating natural hair at the Curl Fest 2016; I knew without a doubt in 2017 I HAD TO BE THERE! And I'm so happy to say, I was able to make it happen. Whoop Whoop! How beautiful is it to see people from all different walks of life come together to celebrate one coming thing... our LOVE for natural hair.

I must say when I first got to the event I was shocked by how many people came out. I was expecting a lot of people, but man oh man, there was at least about 3k-4k people! There was numerous food trucks and vendors. It was a awesome turn out! I went to the event excited to network, learn and potentially meet some of the curl friends I've connected with over social media.  Unfortunately I didn't run into any of my curl friends. So sad! But I did get to meet two beauty bloggers that I absolutely adore! Kathlyn and Curly Edgy.

I've been following Kathlyn for almost a year now and I must say from the moment I came across her page I instantly fell in love with her! I can easily connect and relate with Kathlyn, the fact she is in a relationship, has 2 children and is a beauty blogger; I connect with those things. The way she always spreads so much positivity through her content gives me nothing but good vibes and aspires me to be better! It's so funny because I knew that Kathlyn was going to be at Curls hair booth at Curl Fest because she announced it on her Instagram. When I got to the booth I seen Kathlyn standing there but she was in her phone and definitely had no idea I was standing there. I kept debating if I should leave or call her, leave or call her, she suddenly looked at me and I took the opportunity to speak and I'm so grateful I did, because our conversations was everything to me!
I was able to convey to Kathlyn some of the struggles I face as as beauty blogger and she gave me such encouraging, uplifting advice and words that made me put things not only in a different perspective but a better one. I really appreciate our conversation so much.

Curly Edgy is definitely one of my eye Candy's!! Haha. She has such a vibrant, out-going personality and she was so sweet and personable ! I've been following her for a little over 2 years; She gives so much natural hair inspiration, along with beauty and fashion inspiration. It was great chatting it up with her.

Overall the Curl Fest was an amazing experience and I look forward to going again next year! Hopefully in 2018 I will be able to see some of my curl friends.

Checkout My Vlog above to see my day at the Curl Fest.

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