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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

EveryHue Beauty Review

What's up y'all!  I'm super excited to be kicking off the new year here on Crowned In My Curls with a review on EveryHue Beauty's Glow Perfect Tinted Moisturizer, Foundation Brush and Beauty Sponge. I'm grateful EveryHue Beauty was kind enough to send me these amazing products to review. Of course, as always my readers and viewers will be getting a honest review on these products! So let's get into these deets sis!

Let's talk about the Glow Perfect Tinted Moisturizer. I received this product in Hue 8, the color was picked for me by one of the EveryHue Beauty Consultants. When I got the shade, I was unsure if it would be blendable or match me but it was perfect! I think it's amazing how EveryHue Beauty offers Consultants to help you find your match; in addition to that they offer a conversion chart that lets you compare popular makeup brand shades to theirs. They make it super easy to find your perfect hue! What was most intriguing about this product to me was the fact it has vitamin C, vitamin E, hydrating aloe and even SPF 25! These are ingredients I look for when purchasing products, so it's a plus not only is this product providing coverage but beneficial vitamins for my skin. When applying this product, a little goes a long way; A dime size amount is all I need to achieve my desired coverage. You can build a light to fuller coverage with this product. The tinted moisturizer blends with my skin so flawlessly and gives a natural appearance. I just love how lightweight it is and the satin finish it leaves me with.

The Hue Foundation Brush is just as amazing! I really didn't know what to expect using this tool but it exceeded my expectations! It's bomb baby, so good that I want to use this brush for any foundation I apply, lol. The synthetic bristles are so soft and gentle on the skin. The non-traditional style of this brush makes the application of the product so easy and effortless. I love the fact the brush came in a little pouch, so perfect for travel needs.

The Hue Blending Sponge was the last gem I received, which as well exceed my expectations. SO BOMB SIS! It's super soft and feels nice pressing on my skin. I find some beauty sponges can be really stiff and absorb up your products, but this right here is an exception! I'm very impressed with the quality of the sponge. After applying the tinted moisturizer and blending it out with the foundation brush, I reach for the beauty sponge damp. I make sure the product is evenly distributed and evenly worked into my skin using it. This sponge helps finish off my foundation beautifully.

Overall I'm loving EveryHue Beauty products. They are high quality and provide great results. I strongly recommend this brand and I'm looking forward to the items they will release in the future.
Make sure you check out my video above to get a more in depth review and a tutorial of me using these products.

Have you tried EveryHue Beauty before? What are your thoughts on this brand?

I love you guys! Will chat again soon



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